About Kiln Dried Slabs

Learn about kilndriedslabs.com Our experience in procuring and drying hardwood slabs allows us to provide our clients with the quality they demand.

We are sellers of kiln dried hardwood lumber and premium quality live edge slabs.

Thank you for visiting kilndriedslabs.com. Kiln Dried Slabs is a division of Great Spirit Hardwoods LLC and our showroom, wood store and wood shop is located in East Dundee, Illinois. Our decades of furniture making and actually using dry select hardwood lumber in our own shop gave birth to our desire to open up a retail hardwood and slab store that offers kiln dried material that can be trusted. When starting out, I had to often search far and wide for quality hardwoods on in board and slab form as there was so much inferior product out there. Since the advent of DIY programs and the idea that you can use "air dried hardwood" to make furniture or table tops, the problem has gotten so much worse. We have a continual stream of clients who lost their entire investment in a table due to it being made from wet "air dried wood" and we have found this to be a national issue. If you are either a seasoned professional or someone wanting to build their own table for the first time, the mantra holds that "you can not make furniture out of wet wood". Make no mistake, air dried wood is indeed wet wood. Ranting aside, kiln Dried Slabs and Great Spirit Hardwoods were both founded to provide a source of kiln dried hardwood and live edge slabs that can be used to create heirloom quality furniture and tables.

Our Kiln Dried Hardwoods

Our hardwood lumber is certified kiln dried and we dry our own live edge slabs to ensure quality. As furniture makers, we know the importance of using quality hardwoods that have been properly dried. Our solid hardwoods are sourced from responsible, green certified lumber suppliers who sort the kiln dried hardwood boards for quality and color. Our live edge hardwoods are rescued from storm downed and dying trees or those that had to come down for a reason aside from harvesting them for their hardwood "value". We patiently air dry our live edge slabs to remove the "free water" and then kiln dry them to 6-8% moisture content in our on-site Nyle dehumidification kilns. The quality of our kiln dried hardwoods assures heirloom quality and long term stability and durability.